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When do Flybe release their summer 2019 flights?

By Mark Hodson, Sunday Times travel writer

Similar to Easyjet, Flybe is another airline that releases its fares in tranches twice a year. If you want to get the lowest fares you need to get in early and snap them up. So you need to know the date when they are released.

Last year – in 2017 – the airline released its summer 2018 flights in late October. So it’s reasonable to expect that Flybe will release its summer 2019 flights around 20 October 2018.

The situation is confusing because we recently found Flybe advertising its summer fares on Google with the strapline “Be Inspired, Be Somewhere Else This Summer – Book Your Tickets today!” This was in September.

This may be because airlines divide the year into two periods: summer and winter. So although we think that summer ends when the kids go back to school they persist in thinking that summer ends at the end of October, when winter begins.

By the same token, summer 2019 will begin on the first day of April, when in recent years we’ve had snow on the ground in the UK.

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