When are Easyjet 2021 summer flights released?

Easyjet has released its flights for winter 2020 / 2021. So you can currently book up to 28 February 2021. It is thought that its summer 2021 flights will be released in September 2020, though that could change because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Booking early on airlines such as Easyjet and Ryanair ensures you get the best possible deals, as tranches of tickets are sold in price bands. The cheapest flights sell first, finally leaving the most expensive. Getting the lowest fares means knowing when the flight schedules will be released and getting on the website as early as possible.

Airlines such as British Airways allow passengers to book exactly a year in advance, which makes things easy for those who can plan ahead. But no-frills airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet release their summer fares and winter fares in blocks, usually twice a year.

Easyjet, for examples, releases its summer flights for the following year in October of the current year. However, it doesn’t confirm in advance what date the flights will be on sale. It is keen that you will sign up to its email mailing list – known as eOffers – to find out. In this way, it can sell you lots more add-ons such as insurance, car hire and hotels.

When you register with the Easyjet website you will see at the bottom of the page an op-out marketing paragraph. This is a bit confusing.

It says: “From time to time we may contact you with details of special offers and promotions about products and services of interest to you and your family, or to ask you to help us improve our service through customer research.”

You might be tempted to untick that box, but if you do you won’t receive details of when flights are released. So unfortunately you have to leave it unticked, and look forward to getting lots of other irrelevant email.

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